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Appthority makes enterprises more secure as the world becomes more mobile.

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Homeland Security Award

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More Fortune 1000 enterprises trust Appthority than any other mobile security provider.

The idea of providing mobile threat protection to enterprises isn’t new, but it’s new to some. At Appthority, our mission has always been to provide a simple, yet scalable, way to manage mobile risks to company data. We didn’t start out providing consumer mobile security or securing networks.


The Appthority Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) solution – and our entire customer experience – is purpose-built to the scale and complexity of enterprise mobile environments.

Appthority’s Mobile Threat Team of security experts and award-winning automated analysis drive threat protection for the rapidly expanding number of devices and apps in your mobile enterprise.


And, we don’t just check the box on integrations with your security ecosystem. Appthority has the most robust and effective integrations with the top EMM and SIEM technologies.

Appthority’s expertise and dedication to serving our enterprise customers are reasons 98% of our customers renew with us, year after year.

No other solution matches our focus on true mobile threats to the enterprise.

No other company has our history of understanding mobile risk in the enterprise. Some focus on malware finds that primarily affect consumers half a world away. Others loudly distract with potential or targeted exploits that are unlikely to ever be seen in your enterprise.

In a sea of changing mobile threats, Appthority helps you and your team find the signal in the noise and focus on the mobile risks that matter most to your enterprise.

Appthority MTP delivers comprehensive detection and remediation across a broad range of device, app and data network risks. But it also delivers actionable threat intelligence to your people and systems, enabling them to triage threats and manage your risk and resources effectively.

Signal vs Noise

The Best Protection is Proactive

Stopping mobile threats before they enter your environment is just one of the many ways Appthority significantly improves your enterprise security posture.

Finding out that your company data has been leaked is not nearly as useful as preventing leaks from happening in the first place. That’s why Appthority doesn’t just look back at malware or focus on active network breaches. Appthority helps customers proactively prevent threats from becoming business critical issues.

Appthority MTP is designed to protect proactively by identifying upstream risks – precursors to malicious attacks – and alerting security teams and mobile users about risks before they come into your enterprise environment.

More Fortune 1000 enterprises

trust Appthority than any other mobile security provider.


of our customers renew with us year after year for comprehensive mobile threat protection.

Mapped to 3rd Party Security & Privacy Standards

Appthority’s market leading detection supports a number of 3rd party security and compliance standards which enable our customers to more quickly see and respond to mobile threats in the context of their overall security.

Appthority MTP offers pre-configured policies mapped to a growing list of 3rd party standards including:

Risk is unique to each organization.
Appthority MTP is designed around that understanding.

Part of our enterprise heritage is understanding that no organization is like another.  It’s no surprise to us that you may look at risk differently than another company of your size or in your market.

We understand that, even within your organization, you may want to look at risk differently for certain groups of employees or devices. You may, for example, want to apply one app and device compliance policy to your executive team and another to your contractors on a short-term project.

Appthority MTP has the most policy customization options for risk, compliance and remediation.  We let you define risk and ensure your mobile security is aligned with your unique view of risk and compliance.

“Emerging mobile threats are now a CISO-level concern. Appthority is the solution for managing those threats.”