Company / Management Team

Anthony Bettini

Anthony's professional security experience comes from working for companies like Intel, McAfee, Foundstone, Guardent, Bindview, and Netect. Anthony joined McAfee through the acquisition of Foundstone, where he was the Research Manager. After the acquisition, Anthony managed the Foundstone, Entercept (HIPS), threat intelligence (MTIS), network access control (NAC), and compliance teams with McAfee Avert Labs. Anthony’s presentations have been delivered at such conferences as RSA, FOCUS, NISSC, FIRST, SyScan, and the CARO Workshops. Anthony has published new vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Windows, ISS Scanner, PGP, Symantec ESM, and other popular applications. In addition to contributing to a handful of security books, Anthony was also the technical editor for Hacking Exposed 5th ed., the best-selling computer security book of all time, which has been used in courseware at universities such as MIT, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon.