Every enterprise has a different risk-tolerance depending on the sensitivity of its data at risk − every corporate security team needs to identify what each mobile app is actually doing in order to build intelligent mobile app risk management policies that protect the organization’s assets. To help solve this problem, and to help enterprises build an effective enterprise mobility mangement solution, Appthority integrates with popular Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile App Management (MAM), “enterprise app stores,” and enterprise app development processes.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

For Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, like Appthority partners AirWatch and MobileIron, IT administrators can build a customized app risk policy and then automatically enforce the policy on their MDM deployments. Only Appthority provides the comprehensive analysis needed to assess total app risk and give administrators the control they need to make informed and intelligent mobile app use policy decisions. By integrating the Appthority mobile app risk management solution with a mobile device management (MDM) service, IT and security administrators can maximize the productivity gains of the Mobile First and BYOD movements by mitigating app risk. IT also has quick access to a complete inventory of all the apps – and their risky behaviors – currently present on managed employee devices. IT can then take immediate, automatic enforcement and remediation action, realizing greater benefits from the MDM deployments.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) / Mobile App Management (MAM)

For Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, Appthority seamlessly integrates with EMM providers like Boxtone and Mobile App Management companies like Apperian.

Developer Solutions

For developers, the Appthority service provides a fast and cost-effective way to submit of individual, home-grown apps to identify and address those risky behaviors present in those apps.

Public Markets / App Stores

Appthority provides a REST API for public markets and public app stores who wish to integrate with the Appthority Platform™ to screen apps at high volumes. Appthority enables the ability to block apps that have malware from being submitted into the market, as well as the ability to block apps that circumvent public app store policies (such as apps with SOCKS proxies for tethering).