Threat Management

Mobile Threat Management

Enterprise-ready compliance management features that align mobile with your overall security policies.

Threat Management

An unparalleled suite of threat management features ensures you’re in control and protected from mobile threats


Features That Put You In Control

Customizable Policy & Threat Scoring - icon - defaultCustomizable Policy & Threat Scoring - icon - default
Customizable Policy & Threat Scoring
Appthority Malicious Threat Protection - icon - defaultAppthority Malicious Threat Protection - icon - active
Appthority Malicious Threat Protection
On-Device & Integrated EMM Threat Remediation - icon - defaultOn-Device & Integrated EMM Threat Remediation - icon - active
On-Device & Integrated EMM Threat Remediation
Global App Whitelisting & Blacklisting - icon - defaultGlobal App Whitelisting & Blacklisting - icon - active
Global App Whitelisting & Blacklisting
Powerful Search & Filtering Tools - icon - defaultPowerful Search & Filtering Tools - icon - active
Powerful Search & Filtering Tools
Powerful threat management and workflow features tailored to the needs of your mobile enterprise

Detecting mobile threats is just the beginning of comprehensive mobile threat protection. With thousands of constantly changing devices, apps, and network connections, you need powerful tools to manage and stay on top of how these changes are impacting your overall enterprise security posture.

  • Align existing information security policies with custom mobile compliance policies
  • Help security teams determine urgent priorities and eliminate risk with automated mobile threat assessment
  • Define custom remediation options like on-device alerts or automated EMM escalation with advanced device-level actions

Custom risk scoring of app behaviors is the biggest reason we got Appthority MTP. We’re very happy with it.”


Threat protection and compliance management features that give you control and align your mobile security posture with your overall enterprise security strategy

Customizable Policy &
Threat Scoring

Customizable Mobile Compliance Policy Controls
A best-in-class array of options to tailor and tune your mobile device and app compliance policies governing malicious threats, vulnerabilities, and data loss prevention exposure in your environment.

Configurable Mobile Threat Scoring Options
Set specific threat scoring variables and risk weightings to match your enterprise security policies.

Appthority-Defined Malicious Threat Protection Policies

Appthority Managed Threat Protection Policies

Appthority-Defined Malicious Threat Protection Policies
Pre-defined and continually updated malicious threat compliance policies created by Appthority’s Mobile Threat Team of security researchers.



On-Device Protection & Remediation
The Appthority MTP Mobile App provides real-time on-device threat detection and alerts employees about security best practices and compliance requirements, even before non-compliant apps are downloaded. It also automates prescriptive in-app threat remediation actions and self-remediation instructions sent directly to the impacted employee device

Integrated EMM Threat Remediation Workflows
The EMM Connector integrates Appthority MTP with leading EMM systems to share compliance policy and active threat information and to enable targeted EMM-managed device remediation actions.

Global Whitelisting & Blacklisting

App Whitelisting & Blacklisting

Global Mobile App Whitelisting & Blacklisting
Enhance your enterprise security posture with white or black lists that allow you to approve or reject mobile apps for employees based on active app threat information.

Advanced Threat Assessment Filters

Advanced Threat
Assessment Filters

Powerful Search & Filtering Tools
Advanced search tools identify mobile apps and devices that meet specific threat-related search criteria and help you stay on top of how your enterprise security posture is being impacted by constant app and device changes in your enterprise.

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