Threat Intelligence

Actionable mobile threat intelligence precisely delivered to enhance both your mobile and overall enterprise security

Threat Intelligence

Actionable Mobile Threat Intelligence Where and When You Need it

Your mobile enterprise environment changes every minute.
Gain the visibility you need into mobile risks.

Mobile security is the fastest-growing and most dynamic part of your entire enterprise security landscape.
Effective enterprise security depends on getting current, actionable mobile threat data to the
people and systems that need it most.

Appthority MTP alerts key IT & Security teams when new threats
appear in your environment, distills a sea of data into actionable intel for planning and response,
and integrates with your SIEM to enable a complete set of reporting and event correlation options.

Appthority acts as our headlights and our brakes to make sure we don’t crash our business with an ugly breach.”


Actionable mobile threat intelligence for IT and Security Teams

Real-Time Mobile Threat Dashboard

Real-Time Mobile Threat Dashboard

Your comprehensive view of the real-time mobile threat status of all mobile devices, apps, and data networks in use in your enterprise environment.

Malicious Threat Alerting & Notifications

Malicious Threat Alerting & Notifications

Immediate, automated SMS or email alerts detailing new threat events or exposure risks in your enterprise environment.

SIEM Integration of Mobile Threat Data

Mobile Threat Data SIEM Integration

Complete security reporting and event correlation via the Appthority MTP SIEM Connector that integrates Appthority-managed mobile threat event data with your existing SIEM system.

OS Updates in Enterprises

Only 8% of companies enforce OS updates and the security patches they contain.
Are the mobile devices in your environment are up to date?



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