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Comprehensive mobile threat protection to detect, eliminate and prevent mobile risks to enterprise data and privacy

Your enterprise is under constant threat from mobile risks

Threats from Mobile Risks

Threat from Mobile Risks

In your mobile enterprise, thousands of employees are sharing critical company data across an ever-changing landscape of devices, apps, and data networks. 

Mobile creates new threat pathways into the enterprise for attackers, including multiple data exfiltration routes for sensitive company data and personal information. 

Mobile is now a primary threat vector and must be viewed as a first-class security priority that requires effective response to and prevention of mobile threats.

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A comprehensive mobile security solution for IT mobility and security teams.


Appthority Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) identifies and protects against mobile threats targeting your enterprise through mobile devices, apps, and data networks – 24/7/365.

Unlike traditional security products that bolt on mobile with limited capabilities, Appthority MTP has been designed around the unique requirements of the mobile enterprise, including comprehensive threat protection, integrations with existing management systems (EMM), security reporting tools (SIEM), and simple on-device iOS and Android endpoint protection for employees.

Threat Detection Infographic

Continuous and comprehensive threat detection for your mobile enterprise

Threat detection is the core of any mobile security system, and Appthority MTP has your covered with the most comprehensive in-depth threat detection and risk analysis available for mobile enterprises.

Appthority MTP includes advanced technologies to detect and respond to enterprise mobile threats including mobile device compromise, app vulnerabilities, and data network attacks.

Appthority’s MTP Cloud and on-device MTP Mobile App provide continuous analysis and threat response while enabling your mobile security coverage to scale and adapt as your environment changes and new threats appear.

Threat Management Infographic

Customizable threat management that puts you in control

Effective management of your overall mobile risk is as important as detecting specific threats. That’s why Appthority MTP provides powerful threat management capabilities to put you in control over managing your entire enterprise mobile threat posture, so that you can align your mobile security policies with your overall enterprise security strategy.

And Appthority MTP gives you granular controls over compliance policy and privacy settings, as well as unmatched EMM integration workflows and threat remediation options.

On-device protection options proactively engage and educate your mobile users so they stay in compliance and prevent threats from entering your environment.

Threat Intelligence Infographic

Actionable mobile threat intelligence

that enhances your security

Finding the threat signal in noisy, ultra-dynamic mobile environments is a constant challenge for enterprise security teams.

Appthority MTP delivers actionable active mobile threat and event information to the people and systems that need it most. With features such as automated alerting and a real-time dashboard, Appthority MTP keeps your attention on active mobile threats to your enterprise.

SIEM integration features provide mobile threat intelligence to your overall security event information systems,enhancing your overall security visibility.

A Unified Enterprise Mobile Threat Protection System

Powerful on-demand cloud-scalability with continuous monitoring and real-time threat analysis, assessment, and remediation of potential and active mobile security threats to your enterprise. Global reach and scale deliver 24/7/365 protection for every employee wherever they are in the world.

Mobile Threat Protection Cloud

Cloud Scalable 24X7 Global Protection Against Mobile Threats

icon-MTP Managericon-MTP Manager
MTP Manager
A web-based threat protection administration console puts you in control with highly customizable compliance and remediation policies plus the real-time mobile threat intelligence your team needs about threats in your environment.
icon-MTP Mobile Agenticon-MTP Mobile Agent
MTP Mobile App
On-device endpoint protection that helps employees self-remediate mobile threats while educating them on personal and enterprise security best practices. Alerts users about threats before they enter the enterprise environment.
icon-EMM Connectoricon-EMM Connector
EMM Connector
Integrates Appthority MTP with your existing EMM system to add critical mobile security capabilities to your EMM including automated alerting and remediation workflows for managed and unmanaged devices.
icon-SIEM Connectoricon-SIEM Connector
SIEM Connector
Shares Appthority-captured mobile threat event data with your existing SIEM for consolidating, reporting, and correlating enterprise security events.

“Emerging mobile threats are now a CISO-level concern. Appthority is THE solution for managing those threats.”


Top ways Appthority secures the enterprise

visibility into CURRENT mobile THREATS

68% of users say IT is blind to the apps they use. Appthority brings visibility into the devices, apps and networks of your mobile users as well as the risks that mobile introduces to your enterprise.


Our cloud solution uses machine learning and automation to continuously detect hidden actions, malware code and a host of precursors to malicious actions that can leak or steal private company information.


Appthority MTP protects you from the threats that grab headlines as well as a broad array of potentially more dangerous mobile risks to your enterprise data privacy and security.

custom whitelist / blacklist policies & remediation

Appthority MTP lets you create sophisticated custom whitelists and blacklists to align with your security policies and remediate in ways that suit the unique needs of your organization.

employee data privacy protection

The mobile devices and apps employees install often reveal personal information regarding interests, lifestyle, and health. Appthority allows you to monitor for risk compliance and resolve violations without sharing or exposing personal information.

on-device employee protection & remediation

Appthority offers on-device protection and automated remediation for device and app risks. Self-remediation instructions are sent directly to the device to educate employees about risks and compliance, engaging them in improving overall enterprise security.


Mobile is the New Threat Vector

Key Security Integrations

Annual subscription plans

All subscription plans include full access to Appthority’s comprehensive mobile threat intelligence, advanced mobile threat analysis capabilities, per app risk scoring, and risk management policy controls.


Per mobile device

For customers wanting automated MDM integration for employee app discovery, collection, and risk policy enforcement.

  • Unlimited employee mobile app discovery and collection
  • Flexible MDM sync options and controls
  • Tiered pricing based on total # of protected mobile devices


Per mobile APP

For customers wanting non-MDM per mobile app risk reporting, submission, and policy controls.

  • Individual app risk analysis, scoring, and reporting
  • Individual and bulk (.csv) app submission
  • Tiered pricing based on total # of mobile apps under management



For customers wanting complete custom control, data integration to external systems, and tailored queries against Appthority App Risk Cloud.

  • Full REST API access to Appthority App Risk Cloud
  • Granular API controls for custom data feeds
  • Tiered pricing based on total # of mobile apps under management

Is Mobile Security Your Risk Blindspot?

Know Your Enterprise Mobile Risks.