Appthority Features

Mobile App Collection

With millions of mobile apps available to employees, you want to make sure your app risk management solution is continuously up-to-date. Appthority has automatically collected and analyzed over 3 million unique mobile apps. Using smart scanning technologies, we monitor and detect for employee new app installs and changes to existing installed apps through app store version updates.

App Store Integrations

By integrating with Apple (iOS), Google (Android), and select 3rd party app stores, Appthority has the widest global reach and biggest database of risk analyzed mobile apps.

Continuous Collection

With new apps arriving daily at online app stores, Appthority’s cloud-based mobile app collection system works automatically and continuously to stay in sync.

Apps In-Use Detection

Appthority focuses its risk analysis on those apps actually in use by your enterprise. New and versioned apps are automatically scanned as employees make updates to their mobile device.

App Risk Analysis

Every mobile app has the potential to steal or leak sensitive and private company information. Risky app behaviors, hidden actions, and malicious malware code can all conspire to exfiltrate valuable information from employee mobile devices. Appthority incorporates the most advanced app risk analysis technologies available for assessing and reporting the risks to your enterprise information.

Deep Binary Inspection

Appthority conducts deep analysis of an app’s binary structures to determine if there are risky APIs, URLs, 3rd party code frameworks, and malicious malware present.

Dynamic Behavior Analysis

Apps are evaluated for their behavior and communications during run-time. Appthority can then monitor and analyze for different risk scenarios based on what the app is actually doing.


Advanced Malware Detection

In addition to checking for known malware signatures, Appthority goes further than any other solution by assessing a broad range of app behaviors that can be early indicators of malicious intent.

App Risk Scoring

After deep analysis, mobile apps are given a simplified aggregate score to provide an easy and comparative assessment of risk.

Risk Control & Management

Effective security is not one size fits all. Few companies have the same information risk policies nor the same enforcement strategies. Mobile risk policy for executives traveling to remote geographies may be different from development engineers collaborating and sharing sensitive IP. Appthority gives you the flexibility and control to create and apply the app risk policy best suited to the your security needs.

Custom Security Policies

Set unique app risk policies that can be individually applied to different employee groups or situations. Policy adjustments in risk tolerance can be easily made to account for overall changes to corporate information security and privacy policies.

Automated Whitelists
 & Blacklists

Millions of apps and versions make manually built whitelists and blacklists a non-starter. Appthority automates populating these lists based on the app behaviors you decide are important.

Management Portal

Administer, control, and manage all Appthority features from a simplified web application.

Integrated Search

Easy and quick access to pinpoint exactly the app, or apps, where you need detailed risk reporting.

 Compliance Monitoring

Continuously monitor as few as 1 or as many as 10,000+ employee mobile devices for app risk compliance and remediation status.

New App Submission

Private internal apps can be easily uploaded to Appthority for risk analysis. Or, share a link to a public app in any app store, and Appthority will collect the app, analyze it, and generate a complete report.


Per App Risk Reports

Appthority gives you detailed per app risk reporting that summarizes the key risk attributes uncovered by our advanced app analysis capabilities.

Mobile Device Management Integrations

An MDM can be the foundational piece of your enterprise mobility strategy. Managing employee devices, and even apps, is core to that strategy. But how do you add the app security and risk intelligence to drive compliance actions you might want to take with your MDM? Appthority’s seamless integration with leading MDM systems adds powerful app risk assessment and analysis capabilities to greatly enhance your existing mobility management investment.

App Discovery

Appthority monitors the apps on your employee devices to detect new and updated versions. Any changes are synced to the Appthority system for app risk analysis.

Employee Notifications

Compliance begins with positive employee communication and education. Appthority helps with both by automating notifications and warnings to employees about risky apps violating policies.

Remediation Actions

When notifications aren’t enough, Appthority gives you risk policy triggers that can drive escalating compliance enforcement actions such as device quarantine, wipe, retirement, and access restrictions.

Full API Access

Want to have programatic access to the most current and comprehensive mobile app risk data available? Need to integrate app risk metrics and security analytics into your existing enterprise applications? Appthority makes all this possible with a complete API to its cloud-based app risk data services.

Easy Integration

A full REST API to Appthority’s 3 million+ app risk database. Query select or complete info from a detailed risk analysis report on each mobile app or version.

Flexible Formats

API accessible risk analysis data is available in PDF, HTML, and JSON formats.

Fully Bi-Directional

Use our API to submit private mobile applications for analysis. Appthority gives you simple app ID management over app submissions for easy future custom queries.