Take control
of the mobile risks to your company’s information.

Appthority is a cloud-based service that assesses and manages
the mobile risks to your enterprise.

The iceberg - the tip is just known app malware, below are hidden app risks

How does Appthority’s Enterprise Mobile Threat Protection improve your company’s security?

By automating the scanning and analysis of employee mobile devices and apps for risky behaviors, hidden actions, and mobile malware, Appthority’s Enterprise Mobile Threat Protection solution gives you continuous visibility and control over potential security and privacy threats to your company information.

Appthority customers have access to the industry’s most advanced app risk behavioral engine, a growing database of over 4 million analyzed iOS and Android apps, and the easiest, most complete enterprise risk management workflow.

Appthority has your mobile enterprise protected.

Continuous App Risk Intelligence

By placing our mobile threat protection solution in the cloud, we connect directly to Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) App Stores, to continuously monitor, analyze, and update the constantly changing universe of mobile apps your employees may install or update.


Advanced Behavioral App Risk Analysis

Appthority incorporates the most advanced and effective mobile app risk analysis technology available. In addition to malware analysis, we look deeply into the run-time behaviors of mobile apps to determine how and where they may pose a risk to your company information.


Connect and Protect Your Mobile Enterprise

We connect your employees’ mobile devices to our app risk cloud, creating a continuous envelope of protection and giving you total risk visibility across your entire company.


Control and Manage Mobile Risk

Appthority includes a suite of risk management features including mobile threat reporting, custom risk policy controls, and managed enforcement actions. We also integrate with your existing device management system to ensure compliance using proactive employee communication, app blacklisting and whitelisting, and, if needed, mobile device isolation.


Appthority brings together a powerful, automated suite of mobile risk reduction capabilities.

The result?

Better visibility, more control, and a mobile information security and privacy strategy that works.

Enterprise Mobility Partner Integrations

Appthority includes full integration with leading enterprise mobility and device management systems.

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Annual Subscription Plans

All subscription plans include full access to Appthority’s comprehensive mobile threat intelligence, advanced mobile threat analysis capabilities, per app risk scoring, and risk management policy controls.

Per Mobile Device

Per Mobile Device

For customers wanting automated MDM integration for employee app discovery, collection, and risk policy enforcement.

  • Unlimited employee mobile app discovery and collection
  • Flexible MDM sync options and controls
  • Tiered pricing based on total # of protected mobile devices
Per Mobile App

Per Mobile App

For customers wanting non-MDM per mobile app risk reporting, submission, and policy controls.

  • Individual app risk analysis, scoring, and reporting
  • Individual and bulk (.csv) app submission
  • Tiered pricing based on total # of mobile apps under management


For customers wanting complete custom control, data integration to external systems, and tailored queries against Appthority App Risk Cloud.

  • Full REST API access to Appthority App Risk Cloud
  • Granular API controls for custom data feeds
  • Tiered pricing based on total # of mobile apps under management

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