The Mobile Application Management Company

Want to deploy and manage mobile applications? Want to do it in days instead of months? Apperian gives you the knowledge and the platform for successful enterprise mobility solutions. We created the first Mobile Application Management platform, so we know a thing or two, and we know how to help.

The management of mobile applications is both wide and deep. The creation of transformative business apps are just the beginning of an enterprise mobility solution, and our Customer Solutions team can help you get started. Understanding how to create a custom branded app store is also important, but far from a complete solution. Once the app and digital store front are created now the full life-cycle of the applications need to be managed.

The enterprise app store and the admin user experience must be consistent with best-of-breed Apple and Android devices. We are obsessed with design and usability. In fact it is so easy and intuitive that there is no training required for the admin or the employees.

We help achieve success by providing app ratings and crowd sourcing built into the platform. Once the app is in the hands of the work force you need to know if it’s meeting the expected productivity or ROA (Return-on-App). Cute acronym, but it fits.

That knowledge will help you measure engagement and gather feedback for app improvements. If your customers aren’t using the app, you need to know why and you need to know now. If they are, you need to understand why the app is successful so you can replicate that success.

Of course, the app must be secured, and be able to be wrapped or removed. Lastly is privacy. We will help you secure the corporate data while maintaining a privacy policy for employees personal data in a BYOD environment.