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Enterprise Innovation | BY Carlos Castillo
Thursday | June 28, 2018

AsiaHitGroup gang strikes again!

The McAfee Mobile Research team has found a new billing-fraud campaign of at least 15 apps published in 2018 on Google Play. Sonvpay.C uses silent background push notifications to trigger a fake update dialog. When victims start the “update” they instead…

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Security Week | BY Torsten George
Thursday | June 28, 2018

The Next Big Cyber-Attack Vector: APIs

Many security experts believe the next wave of enterprise hacking will be carried out by exploiting Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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OneSpan | BY Andreas Gutman
Wednesday | June 27, 2018

New iOS 12 Feature Risks Exposing Users to Online Banking Fraud

Security Code AutoFill is a new feature for iPhones in iOS 12. It is supposed to improve the usability of two-factor authentication, but could expose users to online banking fraud by removing the human validation aspect of the transaction signing/authentication…

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