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We are a team of security researchers who want to help make the world a safe place to work and play.

Our team is comprised of very technical and experienced folks who have taken the challenge of developing security solutions for the next generation of mobile computing devices.

Appthority’s Enterprise Mobile Threat Team was formed to monitor and research the latest mobile risks that are direct threats to the enterprise. To help organizations holistically assesses and protect their employees, data, applications, and networks from risk and threats rising in the Mobile Threat Landscape.

We are proud to present our first quarterly edition of the Enterprise Mobile Threat Report that explores the current challenges faced in mobile security. We review the new challenges and risks that Enterprises face that accompany paradigm changes such as Dead Apps, latest trends in mobile malware and other issues related to securing mobile devices.

Stay tuned to this blog for our latest research, findings, and trends in the rapidly evolving enterprise mobile threat landscape. to incorporate in your mobile app risk management strategy.