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Mobile devices are continually expanding their functionality and now contain many…
The iOS platform has always had a reputation as the secure…

Malware: Golduck

Appthority discovered malicious apps on the Google Play store , which…

Data Leakage Vulnerability: Eavesdropper

Voice, text, and data from apps using Twilio and Amazon S3…

Apple iOS 11 Bug Can Crash iPhone Messaging Apps, Disable Devices

A newly discovered bug in the current version of Apple’s iOS 11 operating system…

Hackers Exploited Telegram Messenger Zero-Day Vulnerability To Spread Multipurpose Malware

Kaspersky Lab researchers have uncovered ‘in the wild’ attacks being carried…


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April 16-20, 2018


San Francisco, CA

RSA 2018

Join Appthority for a private briefing at the world’s premier infosec event!


December 7, 2017


New York City, NY

The Federal Reserve CyberSecurity Conference

Appthority is the invited conference speaker of the The National Incident Response Team (the cybersecurity arm of the Federal Reserve).