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Tuesday | April 16, 2013

Michael Price, formerly our lead iOS internals expert, was recently promoted to VP of engineering at Appthority. We took a few moments to chat with Mike about what it’s like to work at Appthority, his new role and the security trends he’s following.

What originally brought you to Appthority?
I’ve always been very interested in Apple-related technologies and I saw Appthority as a great opportunity to spend time analyzing the iPhone. Since Appthority is a rapidly-growing startup, it’s also a great opportunity to help build a company dedicated to providing solutions for important real-world problems related to mobile computing.

What do you like about working at Appthority?
I believe what makes us unique is that we spend most of our time researching and implementing highly interesting and effective solutions. I enjoy our internal emphasis on being the best in class solution, and I am also especially pleased to be able to work with such a skilled team.

What will you be taking on in your new role?
I will now be responsible for the engineering organization and all of its efforts. I look forward to helping build and guide the team as we produce and release a number of interesting new products and features over the coming months.

Any interesting problems you’re working to solve at the moment?
We’re currently attempting to choose which model foosball table to purchase, which is of course another reason I enjoy working at Appthority. While that’s clearly an important project, we’re also working to implement significant enhancements to our app analysis engine, along with a variety of other features that we plan to announce in the coming months.

As the VP of engineering, are there any new security trends you’re seeing?
I would say that we’ve witnessed the beginning of large rollouts of mobile devices in the enterprise. While consumers have owned their iPhones and Android phones for some time now, most large enterprises and government organizations are still in the early stages of evaluating or rolling out these devices to their employees. I expect to see a significantly larger number of employer-provided mobile devices in the enterprise, government and military as soon as this year, with the trend continuing over the next few years. 

These organizations generally set a higher bar in terms of privacy and security policy, so I expect to see a significant focus on providing effective solutions for enterprise-class management of mobile device privacy and security moving forward.