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Monday | February 13, 2017

Enhanced Solution Simplifies Adding Mobile Security for AirWatch, Citrix and MobileIron Users; Delivers Increased Visibility and Management of Mobile Threats Across Apps, Devices and Networks

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Appthority, the global leader in enterprise mobile threat protection, announced today at RSA Conference 2017 a significant expansion of mobile security capabilities to further extend the company’s leadership in Mobile Threat Defense. These include enhanced threat detection, threat management and threat intelligence features that enable enterprises to quickly identify and remediate security risks coming from any device, app or network threat in a company’s mobile environment.


In its updated Appthority MTP offering, the company is integrating its enterprise-focused mobile security research efforts to provide up-to-date and ongoing new threat protection features directly to enterprise customers. New features include “managed threat compliance policies” and dynamic “threat risk indicators” that are automatically updated to cover new mobile threats appearing in the wild. These new features provide Appthority customers with continuously updated protection from the highest risk threats without complicated administration requirements.
The new Appthority MTP also includes a significant expansion of on-device threat detection and remediation capabilities via the Appthority MTP Mobile App (iOS and Android). MTP Mobile App includes real-time on-device detection for device and network-level threats along with intelligent, guided in-app threat remediation instructions delivered directly to the affected employee. While the MTP Mobile App includes automatic remediation support for high risk threats, IT and security teams can create their own remediation instructions to be triggered when devices or apps fall outside enterprise compliance rules.

Appthority MTP customers will also be able to choose from an expanded and unparalleled set of compliance policy customization options to tailor and align their mobile security policies with their overall enterprise security strategies. Included in these expanded compliance policy features is the automated determination of potential and preventable emergent risks vs. current active mobile threats, to help IT security teams assess urgent priorities and the steps they can take to immediately eliminate risk.

“Today’s mobile enterprise encompasses thousands of employees interacting and sharing critical company data across an ever-changing landscape of devices, apps, and data networks,” said Michael Grant, vice president, product at Appthority. “Appthority MTP has been developed around the needs and feedback of our many large enterprise customers, to address their requirements for global scale as well as simplified management over the dynamic complexity of today’s enterprise mobile environment. Our streamlined workflows, automated alerting, and threat intelligence capabilities, enable IT mobility and security teams to proactively identify and eliminate potential mobile enterprise threats before they become high risk events.”

The Appthority MTP enhanced dashboard delivers actionable threat intelligence to security teams seeking real-time visibility into enterprise mobile risk. Additionally, Appthority-managed mobile threat event data can now be shared and synchronized with an enterprise’s existing security information event management (SIEM) system for consolidation, reporting, and correlation with all of an enterprise’s security events.

The new Appthority EMM Connector makes it easy for enterprises to add critical mobile threat protection features and workflows to their existing EMM systems. The EMM Connector supports leading EMM vendors such as MobileIron, Airwatch, and Citrix, and includes options to share and synchronize active threat information with the EMM to leverage its powerful device remediation capabilities.

“We have enjoyed a long-standing, successful partnership with Appthority and our joint customers require flexible, comprehensive mobile threat protection at scale. Appthority’s new capabilities address our joint customers’ enterprise mobile security needs,” said John Morgan, vice president of product and ecosystem at MobileIron. “Together, Appthority and MobileIron give customers the ability to manage and remediate mobile risks and take corrective action immediately.”

Appthority MTP combines cloud-scalable global protection, next-generation threat analytics, and industry leading mobile threat management capabilities into a unified mobile security system for IT mobility and security teams. Incorporating integrations to existing device management (EMM) and security reporting tools (SIEM), combined with simple on-device iOS and Android endpoint protection for employees, Appthority MTP is the most complete and comprehensive solution for enterprise mobile security needs. RSA Conference attendees can learn more about Appthority MTP by visiting the Appthority Booth #N4316 in the North Expo of the Moscone Center.

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