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Tuesday | February 18, 2014

Enterprises Gain Unprecedented Application Control of Policy Management Workflow with Configurable Enforcemen 

SAN FRANCISCO – February 18, 2014 – Appthority, the leader in Mobile App Risk Management, today announced the launch of new customizable workflow features for its fully automated app risk management service.  

The Appthority SaaS-based service now allows IT administrators the flexibility to create and manage mobile app policies by company department, by geography or even by device type – whether company or employee owned. This includes approving and enforcing custom, acceptable use polices at scale, or supporting the creation and implementation of multiple group and role-based policies simultaneously. 

The Appthority policy engine now also offers enhanced detection for cloud-based file storage violations, a priority for enterprises combatting “Rogue IT.”

“We know that IT needs a streamlined and flexible solution because mobile app risk policies are not a one size fits all proposition,” said Anthony Bettini, CTO & co-founder, Appthority. “Effective app policies take into account user location, functionary role, and group membership. Administrators are asking for truly customizable and configurable solutions to build policies.”

Gartner has made the recommendation to separate mobile users into risk categories based on high-level use cases that pertain to their access behaviors in order to contain mobile security risks.*

Increased use of mobile devices, along with the growth of the Bring Your Own App (BYOA) economy, introduces new threats to the enterprise. The average employee has over one hundred mobile apps on their smartphone or tablet with many of those apps capable of accessing and exposing critical and sensitive corporate and personal data.

According to Appthority’s new Winter 2014 App Reputation Report released today:

  • Overall, iOS apps (91%) exhibit more risky behaviors than Android apps (83%)
  • 95% of the top 200 free iOS and Android apps exhibit at least one risky behavior
    • 70% allow location tracking
    • 69% allow access to social networks
    • 56% identify users
    • 53% are integrated with ad networks
    • 51% allow in-app purchasing
    • 31% enable address books and contact lists to be read
  • 4% of the top 200 paid iOS and Android apps read calendars

Appthority’s new workflow enhancements provide enterprise IT with another means to leverage mobility. From pioneering the automated discovery and analysis of apps, Appthority now provides fully automated and configurable enforcement based on roles, workflow and policies to empower a smarter, safer, mobile workforce.

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The Appthority Mobile App Risk Management Service automates the discovery, analysis, and approval of apps present on employee devices. Only Appthority combines the largest global database of millions of previously analyzed public and enterprise apps with a policy management engine to automate app review and approval of new apps as well as enforce custom, acceptable use policies for thousands of employees within minutes.  Appthority enables companies to leverage mobility and empower a smarter, safer, mobile workforce. More information on Appthority can be found at

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*Source: Gartner, Containing Mobile Security Risks With the 80/20 Rule, November 26, 2013


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