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Digital Guardian | BY Nate Lord
Tuesday | April 4, 2017
18 security professionals share the most important sources of threat intelligence for security teams today.

Threats come from every angle today, making the task of monitoring and staying ahead of them seem monumental. From well-known and reputable threat intelligence feeds to a company’s workforce, there are nearly as many sources of threat intelligence as there are sources of threats. But how do security teams prioritize the many sources of threat intelligence, and which are the most crucial to monitor continuously?

To gain some insight into the most important sources of threat intelligence today’s security teams should be paying attention to, we asked a panel of security professionals to answer this question:

“What are the most important sources of threat intelligence for security teams today?”

Domingo Guerra

Domingo Guerra, Appthority co-founder and president, specializes in identifying mobile app risks and behavior trends, and advising the enterprise of the business risk associated with data breaches, losses and leakage in today’s dynamic workforce. Domingo has been a key speaker at AirWatch Connect and MobileIron’s Mobile First, and has appeared as a security expert on CBS, CNBC, NBC, and Fox News.

“The most important source of threat intelligence for security teams today is…”

Mobile devices are quickly emerging as the biggest threat for corporate security teams, as they are increasingly used for critical line of business work. Whether BYOD or corporate owned, devices are riddled with 3rd-party mobile apps which have the potential to steal or leak sensitive and private company information. Risky app behaviors, hidden actions and malware can breach company security systems and steal assets from employee mobile devices at any time. For these reasons, having up to date, actionable intelligence on mobile risk in the enterprise environment is extremely important.

As such, more companies are employing mobile threat solutions to proactively and reactively monitor the mobile devices in their network and provide real-time threat intelligence. These solutions are vital to visibility into mobile blind spots, effective threat remediation, and empowering employees to help secure the enterprise at the new perimeter.

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