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Thursday | July 14, 2016

The Villages Suntimes  |  By Hubert Green – Despite the game not being available in Britain until now, thousands of players in the United Kingdom have already downloaded the app by changing their region settings or using unofficial app stores, a move which led to warnings of malware from security experts.

According to Google’s summary of what “full account access” entails, granting such access means “the application can see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account”.

Niantic did not have an immediate response to CNN’s request for comment early Wednesday.

By July 8, two days after its release, the game was installed on more than 5 percent of all Android devices in the US, and is now on more than 5 million Android phones, which is more than the dating app, Tinder. With that information, developers have generated Pokemon that appear around users and in the environments near them.

The Democratic senator has written to the CEO of Niantic, the company that created Pokemon Go, concerned that the wildly popular game app is collecting a “broad swath of personal information” from users.

The app, which is free to download, has already raised some concerns over claims it could access a user’s entire Google account, including email and passwords.

‘As the augmented reality market evolves, I ask that you provide greater clarity on how Niantic is addressing issues of user privacy and security, particularly that of its younger players, ‘ he added.

“It seems to have been done by mistake”, claimed mobile security expert Domingo Guerra. According to data from Google, there is even more interest in the game than “Star Wars” or “Game of Thrones”.

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