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Wednesday | July 13, 2016  |  By Peter Banerjea –

If you have a mobile app, you want more answers.

You want to know more about what your users want, who your most profitable customers are, how to retain them, engage them, etc., etc.

And mobile app analytics is continually evolving to give you better answers.

So what are the biggest trends in mobile app analytics that you need to make the most of – to take your app to the next level?

To find out, we asked 59 influencers and experts in the mobile app ecosystem one question:

“What current trend in mobile app analytics are you excited about?”

We asked CEOs and leaders of companies which have mobile apps, app analytics companies, app development veterans, influential bloggers and podcasters.

Over to our 59 guests (In alphabetical order of last names) 

The Biggest Mobile App Analytics Trends

From Domingo Guerra, President & Co-founder of Appthority

“Mobile apps are the new security perimeter because every mobile app has the potential to steal or leak sensitive and private company information. Risky app behaviors, hidden actions and malicious malware code can breach company security systems and steal assets from employee mobile devices at any time.

We are excited to see the emergence of real-time mobile analytics that instantly and continuously determine the risks associated with APIs, URLs, 3rd party code frameworks, malware, and a host of malicious behaviors.

In particularly, we’re excited about innovations in extremely advanced mobile app analytics that identify, track, and alert for any apps making URL requests to known malicious destination addresses, or addresses that are deemed geographically undesirable by IT teams. This is just the beginning of mobile app analytics transformation for enterprises that we are beginning to observe.”

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