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IT Pro Portal | BY Kalpana Arya
Monday | April 23, 2018

Five ways mobile apps are putting your credentials at risk

Here’re the different ways in which your mobile apps are compromising your data privacy even if you are using those quite diligently. Recent data breach incidences have taught us a lot. Most importantly, it has made us realise if our…

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San Jose Mercury News | BY Levi Sumagaysay
Thursday | April 19, 2018

What data does your iOS app collect, and why?

Facebook’s latest privacy scandal came courtesy of a personality quiz app whose data was sold to a third party. What about other apps? What do they collect, and with whom do they share that information? Should a free flashlight app…

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The National | BY Elaine Pofeldt
Sunday | April 15, 2018

Facebook data saga boosts demand for ethical consultants, analysts say

US tech firms are going through a moment of reckoning in the wake of Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s grilling by US lawmakers on the social network’s privacy and data practices, according to industry experts. “The Facebook situation will be…

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Mobile Business Insights | BY Domingo Guerra
Wednesday | April 4, 2018

A smarter approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning in mobile security

There’s a lot of talk these days about how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will transform every industry, from agriculture (as CNN Tech recently reported) to zoo-keeping(as reported by the BBC). Cybersecurity is no different. AI proponents speak in glowing terms of the many…

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