Overview / Background

Appthority was founded in early 2011 to create a safer enterprise mobile environment.

The Appthority founding team saw IT's frustration with mobile device security and dealing with CoIT (Consumerization of IT) and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movements. Organizations struggled with the loss of control, visibility, and security coverage, of some of their most valuable data. Some businesses tried to be more restrictive, while others closed their eyes and hoped for the best. There just had to be a better way to manage mobile device security.

Through early interaction with enterprise customers, eager to find a solution to their mobile IT woes, Appthority found the missing piece to the mobile IT puzzle. How could businesses create mobile policy, if they didn't know what apps do?  Appthority stepped up to the challenge and envisioned a world where IT could embrace, rather than fear, mobile devices and the many advantages of a mobile workforce. And just like that, Mobile App Risk Management was born.

After nearly a year of stealth-mode development, following continuous "Lean Startup" Build-Measure-Learn cycles, Appthority was ready to make its public debut. Appthority launched The Appthority Platform at one of Information Security's largest stages: The 2012 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox. The Appthority Platform was well received, earning Appthority top honors, and the company was named "The Most Innovative Company of RSA Conference 2012".

Since then, the company has been growing quickly, securing key partnerships, helping enterprise customers regain control over their mobile IT, and becoming the recognized leader in the space.

The Appthority team is driven by their core mission, to cement Appthority as the Authority in App Security.