In recent mobile app security headlines, the trendy one word messaging app Yo was hacked last week. Attackers were able to push messages to users’ phones, as well as read personal data from the company’s user database. The attack highlights an ongoing issue for enterprises in the age of bring your own app (BYOA), when getting an app to market is the highest priority. The Yo app was reportedly created in less than a day. According Appthority Chief Architect Kevin Watkins, mobile app developers, in their rush to develop and release a mobile app quickly, overlook security for the web services the app uses.

An app like Yo can quickly and easily be downloaded to an employee’s phone, leaving the enterprise to potentially absorb any security risks or vulnerabilities the developer did not address.

The Appthority team is proud to be part of The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit happening this week. The summit is aimed at helping business and IT security professionals develop a clear vision for how to protect today’s enterprises. In-depth sessions include: risk management and compliance, security architecture, Business Continuity Management (BCM) and more.

Attendance is already up over 25 percent this year and the summit is featuring some noteworthy keynote speakers. The White House’s Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator, Michael Daniel and Gen. Keith Alexander, former Director of the National Security Agency, as well as Gartner thought leaders John Girard and Tina Nunno will be headlining the event.

If you plan on stopping by the Summit, please come visit us at booth #736. We’ll be advancing the conversation about mobile app security and how to enable the enterprise mobile workforce in today’s risk climate. Reach the Appthority team on Twitter at @Appthority

We also wanted to extend our thanks to the MobileIron team for a great users’ conference last week. The 2014 MobileFirst Conference was truly an exciting and educational experience. Gaining insight on the future of mobile from companies on the front lines of mobile innovation was invaluable, and we had productive conversations around the need for a safe and secure workforce in today’s enterprises. The breakout sessions, the face-off and the case study reviews were just some of the highlights. We’re already looking forward to 2015.