To Quote Bob Dylan, “The Times They Are a-Changin’” for Mobile Malware

According to Symantec, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system (OS) had the largest amount of security vulnerabilities in 2012. Symantec’s report, revealed this week, found 387 documented vulnerabilities on Apple’s iOS software, compared to a mere 13 on Android. The Inquirer’s Lee Bell reported on how these vulnerabilities will likely become a factor in mobile malware. However, Android’s market share, openness and multiple app distribution methods available make it the “go-to platform” for hackers. If you have an iOS device, check for system or OS updates often. Updates are the main way Apple pushes security and bug fixes.

NQ Mobile also released a mobile malware threat report this week, claiming Android malware was up nearly 163 percent in 2012. eSecurityPlanet’s Jeff Goldman wrote an article on the report,highlighting how nearly 95 percent of all mobile malware discovered in 2012 targeted the Android OS. The top three methods for delivering malware were app repackaging, malicious URLs and “smishing” (or SMS phishing). The company warns, however, that an estimated 10 million devices have already been infected in the first quarter of 2013. NQ’s goal? To simply get smarter in 2013; we have to agree with that!

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