The Appthority dedicated mobile apps (iOS and Android) help ensure app risk compliance directly on employee mobile devices. We have listened carefully to our customers about their needs and wants, and the Appthority mobile app is the result of this feedback. Here are some of the key benefits.

Reducing Vulnerability Windows
First, we wanted to shrink the time when employee mobile devices (and corporate data itself)  could become vulnerable via new app installs and version updates. It may seem obvious, but the vulnerability window math can get pretty scary when you factor in the number of employee devices x the number of apps per device x the number of app updates. In the past, Appthority relied on getting updated app inventory information via our integration with customers’ MDM systems. However, there can be a time lag in getting app inventory updates. The Appthority mobile apps have no such lag because they continuously monitor the employee device for app changes, and then directly communicate any changes to Appthority’s cloud service for immediate analysis. IT mobility and security teams can now be assured that any mobile risk policies they put in place can be acted upon immediately should there be any change to any device that brings it out of compliance.

Employee Self-Managed Compliance
Today’s IT teams must focus on key priorities and triage critical issues. So, if they can educate company employees and give them tools to self-comply with company information security policies, the result is a win/win for both IT (less work & cost) and the company as a whole (better security). Appthority’s mobile app provides a range of features to help educate and enable self-managed compliance. First, employees’ mobile devices are scanned for all apps to see if they comply with a IT whitelist of approved app behaviors. Employees are guided to remove non-compliant apps and given the ability to choose from a list of compliant apps by app store category. Finally, employees are provided with a simple search feature where they can search to see if an app they’d like to install is compliant before they actually install it on the device. Educating employees on mobile app risks, and arming them with proactive tools for approved app discovery raise the security bar across large organizations.

Installed Apps Compliance Monitoring

On-Device Malware Detection
While actual mobile malware is still relatively small when compared to the desktop, it is growing, and new methods of malicious data exfiltration are being deployed every day. Apple and Google are doing a good job of filtering these kinds of apps from their app stores, but what happens when an employee installs a malicious app either intentionally through a wrapped 3rd party app store app, or unintentionally through a social offer via an ad network? Appthority’s new mobile app can immediately detect these kinds of events and provide remediation options for removing the offending app. Both IT teams and employees are notified immediately if malware is present along with instructions for next steps. And Appthority goes one step further, in that should any app be installed that is not from official Apple and Google app stores, even if it is not known malware, IT will be alerted so they can initiate remediation actions accordingly.

On Device Malware Detection

You can read about more features of the new Appthority mobile app by heading here.