Infrared X-Ray App is the Latest Malware Scam 

Japanese mobile users are being warned against an Android app that claims to allow people to see through clothing with their phones. CRN’s Robert Westervelt reported on how the app steals the user’s contact list and distributes text message spam. Spam recipients are invited to download the app and are generally tricked more easily because the invite appears to come from someone they know. Some variants of the app also attempt to blackmail users, saying that the app will tell all of their contacts that they’re a pervert if they don’t pay a fee of 29,000 Yen (or $300 US).

How much is a Google Play developer account worth? Up to $100, reported Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security. Brian recently encountered a buyer willing to pay up to $100 for active Google Play accounts from developers who are no longer using their accounts, in an effort to submit new malware to Google Play from a trusted developer account. The same cybercriminal also sells a bot kit called “Perkele” that’s used to intercept incoming SMS messages from infected phones. Even through this piece of malware is not new in its approach, it has a much higher success rate and even positive online reviews from other cybercriminals.

Is the iPad’s heyday in the enterprise already over? ReadWrite’s Antone Gonsalves reported on how tech analyst firm Moor Insights & Strategy believes that Windows tablets will “likely reverse Apple’s gains in the corporate market.” While the Apple iPad represented a shift in mobile computing, Android recently surpassed iOS in tablet market share. Recent improvements by Windows and Android tablet models, along with Apple’s resistance to enterprise and corporate friendly features, have caused experts to warn corporations to reconsider their iPad deployments.

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