It goes without saying that the majority of Millennials have mastered the art of multi-tasking on their mobile devices.

Browsing news apps while sending off emails to clients and reviewing drafts of work documents while on Facebook is second nature to many twenty- and thirty-somethings in the workforce. For a generation that is so tech savvy, however, security seems to be flying under their radar. Unfortunately, this lax attitude toward data protection only increases enterprise’s security risk.

A recent Wired article cited that sixty percent of Millennials “aren’t concerned about corporate security when they use personal apps instead of corporate-approved apps.” Moreover, seventy percent of this group admitted they went against corporate IT policies and used unapproved outside applications in their enterprise setting. When compared to the thirty-one percent of Baby Boomers who did this, the glaring need to educate and motivate young professionals about security, and moreover protect enterprises from risk, is stark.

Of course, enterprises must balance addressing security without undercutting employees to leverage mobility for productivity. Promoting an open conversation between IT departments and employees can be a first step toward developing an operational corporate strategy. Encouraging this type of environment will go a long way toward enabling Millennials to better understand why security is important in a BYOD environment.

Mobile security is an ongoing dialogue, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, especially when a workforce spans generations.  But encouraging knowledge and promoting discussion are key in finding solutions to create a safe and secure mobile workforce while catering to the unique needs, attitudes and skillsets of employees. Appthority’s App Risk Management service not only automates the review of apps for risk, but also automates the communication to employees when risky apps are found. Automations is key to not only identify risks in apps, but also to provide education to employees who have risky apps on MDM managed devices.

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