With the holidays just around the corner, consumers are eager to tackle their holiday shopping lists, and mobile devices will be used more than ever before to do so. A recent analysis by Nielsen determined that the amount of time users spend on shopping and commerce on mobile apps continues to grow, with the average consumer spending 30 hours a month on apps. For users between the ages of 18 and 24, that number jumps to 37 hours a month.

But while clicking on those on-sale slippers via your app, you might also be opening a door into private information stored on your mobile device. And if you’re using that same device for work, the risk of spilling the beans on sensitive corporate data is imminent. Appthority found that more than eighty percent of mobile apps have access to corporate data. In a BYOD environment, enterprises are constantly looking for ways to protect themselves from mobile apps that demonstrate risky behaviors.

Also, this week, Appthority delivered what some might call an early holiday gift in the form of exciting security news. Following the discoveries of both the MASQUE and WireLurker iOS mobile malware last month, Appthority was pleased to announce that we are the first app security company to deploy a commercial solution that detects and protects against these malware on our customers’ apps.

MASQUE and WireLurker attack iOS devices by allowing hackers to install imposter apps that use fake certificates than the authentic counterparts. As a result, these faux apps can steal private data, identification information or secure log-in credentials without user detection and put sensitive corporate information at risk. In response to this threat, Appthority quickly deployed an update to our cloud-based system that defends our customers by assessing and alerting the user if the malware is identified on their apps.

With mobile threats evolving, so must defense mechanisms to ensure a safe and secure mobile workforce. As the leader in enterprise Mobile App Risk Management, Appthority takes pride in helping our customers stay safe by protecting their corporate data.

Are you concerned about your mobile security while shopping from tablet or smartphone? Share your thoughts with the Appthority team at @Appthority.