Highlights from RSA Conference 2013

Mobile technology made a big impact on this year’s RSA Conference. As companies seek to embrace a mobile-enabled workforce, they’re also evaluating the security risks of mobile devices. We spoke with a number of executives at the show about how they can address risky apps and enable safe and private BYOD within their organizations.

We were thrilled to meet with a number of industry thought leaders at the show and asked them to share their thoughts about how they felt the show went:

Dave Shackleford, principal consultant at Voodoo Security and lead faculty at IANS touched on mobile device security:


“One of the major themes covered at RSA this year was mobile device security, and most of the solutions presented focused on encrypted or isolated ‘containers’ and device management platforms. However, with mobile device implementation rapidly increasing, organizations also need to consider the applications they are using and developing for installation across these devices. Right now, the App ecosystem is a bit like the Wild West (no organization or structure in place), and what’s worse, very little is being done to address that. Organizations should seriously think about assessing these apps and verifying them carefully before allowing employees to use them.”


Heidi Shey, a security analyst with Forrester, talked about how companies defined “intelligence” in different ways, and touched on the presence of consumer-oriented security companies at the show:


“Everything was big data and intelligence, for better or worse. But what ‘intelligence’ actually means varies from vendor to vendor. We’ve been hearing this term in analyst briefings for months now, and it’s almost painful to see ‘intelligence’ plastered over everything in reference to anything remotely related to data.”


“I didn’t expect to see much consumer-oriented security at this event, but there were little pockets of it from vendors like DigitalQuick (Fasoo), Secunia, and Scrambls (Wave Systems). Lines can quickly blur with consumerization, so I can see why they would want to put themselves (and their free solutions!) in front of a security savvy audience.”

This year’s conference had a truly fantastic energy. The exhibitor hall was packed and we met with a lot of attendees in our booth and also at our Risky Business party who were eager to talk about app security. It’s a really exciting time to be a part of the enterprise security industry. So of course, we’re looking forward to participating again next year!