If you use a trusted app store like Google Play to download your apps, you’re not at risk. The only actual risk comes from using third party app stores. Cybercriminals could potentially modify a popular app (like Facebook or LinkedIn) and replace them in a third party app store.

Appthority believes that this is less an exploit, but more of a behavior of “tampering or modifying” the application from the original intent of the developer or company.

The Google Play store already has checks in place to block malicious apps from using this exploit. Google has also issued a patch to solve this issue on a wider scale, but it’s up to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to push it out. For example, Samsung has already begun shipping the fix to Android devices. That will continue to be an issue due to the fragmented nature of the Android marketplace.

Appthority has developed and uploaded additional checks to the Appthority App Risk Management Service to identify any potential malicious behaviors that may arise. This check will report on and flag any application that attempts or uses techniques found by this security risk.