With the recent launch of the Android 5.0 Lollipop, the new operating system seeks to improve mobile security and enhance user experience. Appthority recently had the opportunity to observe the new system as well as the associated mobile security implementations. First off, it’s nice to see that device encryption is being included by default, making it practically impossible for others to access data stored on the device without the device’s PIN code. A few other observations include:

  • Linux enforcing for all apps will better protect the operating system against malware and app vulnerabilities that used to allow developers to trick it into granting additional permissions.
  • Lollipop’s ability to set separate personal versus work security policies will enhance convenience while using the same device for both purposes.
  • There are potential security concerns that go along with the SmartLock feature if both the mobile device and the synced unlocking device are stolen.
  • The “kill switch” will make it easy to remotely wipe a device for authenticated users but not for thieves, which will help deter device theft.

We’re also extremely proud to announce that Appthority has been named a Best Application Security winner in the TechTarget Information Security™ magazine and SearchSecurity.com™ 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards.

More than 1,700 information security executives and managers were asked to assess and rate more than 400 products, spanning 22 categories. By earning the award, Appthority’s App Risk Management service is recognized as one of the best-in-class solutions in the mobile security industry.

These awards really highlight the best solutions IT security professionals rely on to actually get the job done.

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