Enhanced MDM Integration Workflows

One of the things we hear all the time from our enterprise customers is that they view Appthority as the ‘brain’ of their mobile security strategy while seeing their MDM system as the ‘brawn’ when it comes to remediation.  When put into practice, this means that Appthority is being used to analyze mobile apps for … continue reading

Malware & Malicious App Workflows

One of the compelling things that differentiates Appthority from competitors’ malware-only products is that we focus on detecting both mobile malware and other hidden risky app behaviors that could be exfiltrating corporate information or collecting future attack reconnaissance data from enterprise devices. Our solution includes a range of enhancements across the product to both improve detection … continue reading

Enhanced Risk Management Policies & Custom App Risk Scoring

When it comes to enterprise information security, one size does not fit all, as they say. And it certainly applies to the varying approaches taken by IT Mobility and Security teams in how they administer information security policies. Whether it’s complying with regulatory requirements, or aligning mobile security risks with existing information security policy, integrating … continue reading

Appthority Mobile App

The Appthority dedicated mobile apps (iOS and Android) help ensure app risk compliance directly on employee mobile devices. We have listened carefully to our customers about their needs and wants, and the Appthority mobile app is the result of this feedback. Here are some of the key benefits. Reducing Vulnerability Windows First, we wanted to shrink the … continue reading

Updates to Appthority Trust Scoring System

One of the key features of Appthority’s app analysis has always been the trust score calculated for each app to reflect the overall app risk level based on on its behavior. Customers have come to rely on this score as a quick way to assess overall risk and ease policy creation using trust score as … continue reading

Why Kids are Adding Cost to the Enterprise

Why Kids are Adding Cost to the Enterprise There have been a couple of interesting stories of late about in-app purchasing and mobile app data collection when it comes to games and apps aimed at children. The FTC recently finalized a court order demanding Google to refund $19 million dollars in unauthorized in-app purchases. This … continue reading

Android 5.0 Lollipop and Our Most Recent Best-In-Class Mobile Security Award

With the recent launch of the Android 5.0 Lollipop, the new operating system seeks to improve mobile security and enhance user experience. Appthority recently had the opportunity to observe the new system as well as the associated mobile security implementations. First off, it’s nice to see that device encryption is being included by default, making … continue reading

When Did Anonymity Become a Risk?

BYOD has become a mutually beneficial trend in the workplace to employers and employees alike. With more companies embracing the trend, it is particularly important for enterprises to learn how to manage the risks associated with apps on personal devices in the workplace. We all know how many free apps are available for our personal … continue reading