Appthority has been acquired by Symantec

Appthority and Symantec unite to enhance protection from mobile applications and strengthen modern endpoints and operating systems.

Your Cyber Barn Door is Open

Your enterprise has probably already suffered a mobile breach.

Data leaks and privacy violations happen daily as employees access sensitive information using mobile devices.

Reduce the risk to your enterprise of:

Noncompliance with regulatory policies (like GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA, PCI, etc.)

Poor app, device & network threat visibility and control

Missing or preventing a large scale data breach

Let Appthority MTP help you find and stop the mobile threats that leave your doors wide open.

How close is your enterprise to a breach or a compliance fine?

You know mobile threats are hiding in your enterprise but how big is the risk?

Only Appthority can show you exactly what you’re up against in one day.

Mobile Cyber Attacks & Data Leaks Are Happening Now

20k apps allow access to corporate Amazon S3 data
Millions of sales conversations available for download
700 Eavesdropper affected apps expose millions of call records, audio recordings, and text messages
Equifax App Sends Sensitive Data Unencrypted
43 terabytes of data exposed on over 21,000 backend servers used by mobile apps for persistent storage
CitaHealth and Zikto apps expose personal health information via an exposed backend that has been ransomed

“I’ve not seen anthing else in the industry that comes close to delivering the value of Appthority.”

Director of Information Security | Fortune 500 Data Center Provider

The busy security team’s solution to mobile cyber attacks

Appthority MTP is the only mobile threat defense solution that fully protects enterprises from mobile threats to enterprise data and employee privacy.

The Best Protection Against Mobile Threats

That’s Also Easy on your Team

Key Security Integrations

Mobile Threat Defense That Works for Everyone


Streamlined Compliance

  • Add mobile security, not workload
  • Enhance compliance, protect regulated data
  • Automate detection & remediation


Balanced Mobility & Security

  • Secure BYOD/COPE, Android/iOS
  • Leverage EMM investment
  • Safeguard employee and data privacy

End Users

No Big Brother, Just Protection

  • Be protected anonymously
  • Protect personal data
  • Choose safe apps and self-remediate threats

Recognized as a Leader

AI 100
Homeland Security Award
Homeland Security Award