Protect private company information from the risks of mobile apps.

Mobile app risk management for the enterprise.

Enterprise mobile BYOD can mean hundreds of thousands of apps potentially impacting your security and privacy environment. And with employees installing new apps frequently, and updating existing apps constantly, your company’s information security threat profile can be changing daily. Even Hourly.

Do you know which mobile apps pose a threat?


Malware Detection Alone Is Not a Strategy.

If your mobile information security strategy is based solely on malware threat detection, you’re missing 99.5% of the exfiltration risks to your company data.

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Mobile malware detection is important, but it represents less than 0.5% of the potential risk for corporate data and privacy loss. The majority of your information security risk from mobile devices is contained in the non-malicious actions and data collection methods of publicly available apps being installed and used by your employees every day. And while Apple’s App Store (iOS) and Google’s Play (Android) store monitor apps for known malware, they do not screen apps for potential corporate data exfiltration and privacy loss.

Do you know what company data is leaking from employee mobile apps?


Manage App Risk, Not Just Devices.

Mobile device management systems lack the ability to assess and manage the information security and privacy risks lurking inside all those employee mobile apps.

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Mobile device management systems are your key policy enforcement tool in managing employee network and data access. But MDM systems lack the ability to set policy for managing the risks of company data exfiltration, malware infiltration, and sensitive information privacy leaks.

How do you assess and control risks coming from mobile apps on all those managed devices?


Appthority: Mobile App Risk Management for the Enterprise

The leading mobile app risk management solution targeting the  needs of enterprise security and mobility teams.

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George Do, Director of Information Security, Equinix